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Hello to you all. Thanks for all the good writing, I enjoy the reading. The question I have is booking flights through the internet with websites like Expedia. Lately there is this cheap-o-air site that keeps popping up in my search. In my reading they talk about consolidators and local in country websites for the best deals. My consern is the quality of the booking, seat availability, being able to verify I have a seat on a flight and how best to resolve any problems. I know a travel agent is best for putting trips together, but if I want to last minute wing it, what is the best website or what is a good proccess? Thank you for all the good writing. 

I book on-line and follow up with a phone call to get seats I want.  you can always talk to representatives of expedia, asap, etc.  if you book on the airlines website e.g. delta, aa, etc you have access to seating arrangements and you can choose.  the price for these seats (if any) are also shown. 

Lately, I do all my flights through  I gave them a try again around a year ago after not using them for a LONG time.  Decided to see if they are worthwhile.  Now they are my go to.  You can do just about anything with them.  I am in Taiwan right now as i write this.  Cost me round trip about $120 usd. 
They have a +3 -3 day flexibility. I just put in my starting point and finishing point.  Gave a date for departure and a date for return and they search all airlines on the dates given as well as the 3 days before and the 3 after.  You get a 7x7 grid with all the available dates and the lowest prices on each date combo. 
When I needed to do a throw away, went back to them.  This was even easier.  Typed in the complete month(of the throw away period) and then said see where I could go on a budget.  A map shows up will all of southeast Asia and destinations available throughout the month time frame and the lowest prices to each destination.  Cost me about $45 for the throw away.
Some other sites can still do better I'm sure, but probably not by much and the ease of use is just making such a nice site to use.
Oh, and these are NOT their flight.  They are just showing you the cheapest setups available and then send you to THOSE sites.  I used Fiji to get here.  Using Tigerair to get home.  Can't complain so far.

Hi, it seems everyone has a company they use and trust.  I personally use OPODO, have used them for about 11 years now and never ever had any problems.  They cover a lot more than most and by using them you get all of the info from Kayak, Expedia and most of the major companies.   It is all a matter of trust, but over the years I have used quite a lot of these companies, OPODO is now always my 1st port of call.

This is wonderful information and insight. Thank you for the replies. The last time I flew in a plane there was no internet for buying plane tickets. You had to use your home phone. Anyhow I have been looking at expedia for an idea of my travel prices. I got a good idea of my price window. I am considering this cheap-o-air website but have read they are terrible for tacking on extra fees and s***. I am going to check these other sites that you people use and recomend. Thanks again and I hope some other members will tell me there favorite site. Thanks.


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