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UK Bank New Security Checks



I received a notice from my bank (actually it was the second, so I've just checked with the bank to make sure it's kosher) that they would shortly be implementing a new security check as part of new banking regulations.

A partial quote from the Bank's email
A new regulation means that all banks will add extra security checks to help protect you from fraud online. You might see these checks when you shop online, log in to Internet Banking, and when you change or add to the list of people you pay from your account.

If youíre not prepared, you wonít be able to shop or bank online. So, make sure you know how to be ready for this change.

You already enter your card details when you use it to buy something online, and your login details when you use Internet Banking. But soon, youíll need to take another step as well.

It will mean doing one of the three things below:
1. Use our Mobile Banking app to confirm itís you.
2. Enter a passcode we send by text to your mobile phone.

3. Tell us the code you see on your shopping checkout screen when we call your landline.

" Unquote

If you haven't received something similar from your UK bank, it may be worth checking with them.

One thing I was informed by BoS/Halifax some time ago, their mobile banking app cannot be downloaded to, or used by, Philippines' registered mobile numbers.



I received this message from my UK bank, Lloyds, on 3rd June.


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