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Thanks, some things were meant to be, others not, and i often thought something was not right with that other venture, which is why i had to be sure that when we got to that beach, the owner was not going to be there.

I actually messaged him via messenger the day before to ask if he was there, and he told me he was still in El Nido running another business that he owns there, so i found a local fisherman at Nacpan beach (Calitang beach to be precise) who was able to take us to this place so i could look into everything without the guy being there.

The place we have now looked at will most likely become a very popular tourist spot in Palawan, i think in around 5 years it will start to grow as more Foreigners find it and start spreading the word (most of the tourists going there are Filipino people from Palawan) so we decided to invest there now while things are still quiet, and very affordable, and local residents still own all the land, but we are not spending so much cash that we will lose it all if tourism doesn't take off in a big way, because to be really honest, this place needs to be protected from over commercialization, but have a big enough tourism boost to help support the wonderful locals in that region, most of whom are fishermen from what i can tell.

The Lodging place we want to invest in is all set up, has been there for 5 years, and is the only beach front lodging in the whole region, so to start a new beach front lodging from scratch right now would be a mistake, and makes more sense to invest in something already set up, and just expand it a bit to cater for a few more tourists, and the only other lodgings are 3 backpacker guesthouse type lodgings in the main town, and a few small bars and restaurants scattered around the town as well.

The land we want to buy or lease will be left as it is for a few years, and there is currently 8 families living on that property in shanties, so they will be staying there, and will caretake and keep the property clean for us in exchange for living there, and if we ever decide to develop the land, it will be just a small holiday house in the middle that we can use ourselves, or rent out to other family members or Aussie tourists whenever we are not there, and we will designate a couple of the ladies who live on that land to prepare meals and do the housekeeping for guests who stay there, and the guests will pay them a fee directly rather than do it thru us.

Big plans and plenty of time to do it.


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