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Well by golly Mike, I didnt know you were a cheese head    :) ;)


--- Quote from: blindman on October 11, 2014, 09:04:19 AM ---Snow, haha.  You guys don't know what snow is.  That's one reason I want to leave Wisconsin and go to the Philippines.

--- End quote ---

Don't lose any sleep over it.  You can rest assured that I happen to know what snow is.

That's a lot of hail though.  That can do some damage.

I saw something on tv a while ago somebody figured out how to take the hail stone damage out of a car fairly easily.  I think it was on a show in discovery turbo...but my senile old brain cant remember

Gray Wolf:
It was more hail than I wanted, that's for sure!  Fortunately the Jasmine tree took the brunt of the blast and no damage has been observed on our Jeep.

Trust me I'd rather be sitting in our bahay kubo on the rooftop in Bagong Silang!   :D


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