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pensive in pilar

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--- Quote from: c_a_p_t_a_i_n_r_o_n on September 13, 2011, 07:09:17 PM ---
Agree great pic of lil lady by lily pond

Where was that on Panglao, kinda looks like Dumaluan Beach

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thanks\'s at the bohol beach club...we take two vans jammed full and spend the day...usually christmas.
this yr we will be chartering a bus to get half the purok   i suspect that the bbc is the most public of all the resorts there as you dont pay per head but per cottage (picnic table with roof)...


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bohol beach club is a modern up-market resort -
and does charge day visitors P500 per head
Eating is in the resorts restuarants

Dumaluan Beach Resort (next door to BBC), is much more laid back place and does rent cottages (P400 per cottage last year I believe)
[about 20+ cottages accomodating upto a dozen or more people]

You can take your own food into the cottages at Dumaluan + there\'s a number of stands offering fresh hot food

Dumaluan very popular with groups, parking lot full of buses, jeepneys and vans..................not so at BBC

There is a hotel part of Dumaluan also

foreigners are few and far between at Dumaluan whereas pinoys are mostly employees at BBC - a cousin is a chef at BBC

Only been to BBC one time, too antiseptic for me, been to Dumaluan over a dozen times a much funkier fun place in my book

Ricky A:

hmm...guess im a bit make it sound like i was at dumaluan....definitely full of buses...etc...   i asked my wife and she said that we were at the bbc....i also read the sign as i entered ....\"Bohol Beach Club\".....
dont know what to think....we definitely paid for the the cottage only...not per head...maybe i should ignore the sign and my wife...


entrance to BBC is just a turn off the eastern coast road

This the central plaza in front of the beach area at BBC

To get to Dumaluan there\'s a crossroads, with concrete road for about a mile, police post on your left, the you go down the hill, concrete road ends,
straight on for Dumaluan Resort Hotel, turn to right and there\'s a guard post and he\'s got a roster of which cottage you\'ve booked
if you haven\'t booked a cottage you must park before the guards barrier.

Rule of thumb - if mostly pinoys, it\'s Dumaluan - if mostly foreigners, it\'s BBC

**** Gloria just tells me Dumaluan now charging a per head entry fee - I\'ll find out the price

Where is your wife\'s purok?

We were there a couple of weeks ago.. We just paid for the cottage (9 of us)..
Definitely not BBC as they have no cottages!!
Having said that, BBC is just next door and we have never had a problem walking along the beach to it.. Nothing the guards can do really as the beach is public property..
Mind you..That hasn\'t stopped Panglao nature resort from blocking the beach at both ends!  Onli in di pilipins eh!

Ricky A:
hi captain

sounds like we have definitely been going to dumaluan.  please let me know the per head cost as it might be a deciding factor in *not* chartering a bus for 70+ people this december.   wifes parents are in the town of pilar,  barangay rizal, purok 4....bout an hour and a half drive to panglao.



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