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911 GI Bill


Planning on using GI/911 Bill next year in Pampanga, What are good school to go too, have BS, would like to go to trade school or some type of vocational school. Just want to get a feel for things out there, don't want to spend time in classroom environment. Any suggestions points of view...Thanks, Richard

I would say that most of us do not know what the 911 GI Bill consists of and of course, how much you get to spend might help in determining what kind of school you can go to.  Myself, I could get a couple of hundred dollars a month so I just went to pizzpot community college for two years and I started it late so it even ran out on me.

   Although I've known several retired GIs who used their GI Bill in Angeles, they all went to traditional colleges (Angeles University, Holy Angel). Here is a link concerning using you GI BIll at a foreign school that has some information that might be helpful.


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