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NEW Model of Honda Motorcycle

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   Saw the video and showed it to my wife. We like the auto shutoff feature. Keep up the good work with the videos!

Tony and Jelma

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:

--- Quote from: Big daddy Ray on December 05, 2015, 08:55:14 AM ---UPDATE: After serious consideration I found smaller was better so I settled for a Honda 125i Click. It carries my big butt well and my Asawa fits on the back with no problem.

--- End quote ---
It's a scooter! I'll pray for you!
I'd rather have one similar to this, a 4 wheel ATV !

Yup - those Quad bikes are the best option for us older farts. Excellent dealer (from Wales) in Butuan who has a big selection.

Big daddy Ray:
Thanks guys for the prayers, but I am completely comfortable on a motorcycle/scooter...have been all my life....I have found there is a natural flow to the way the Filipinos drive.... and if you can follow that, then you should have no problems driving here even without stop lights and stop signs at intersections. Filipinos are actually quite courteous here in PPC. You have the occasional idiot... me included, but I find it easy to travel here on a scooter. As I get older..I will probably  change my mind as my reactions slow....but for now...I am fine with it!

i have a mio sporty scooter i been useing it here in imus everyday i go along the highway lots and BD is right there is a system in the madness i love scooter when traffic is backed up just go around it on sidewalk areas or on opposite sides of road where ever it clear u can go. farthest i been is imus to tagaytay all highway so rather easy trip . only problem im having with scooter is the battery wont hold a charge now and dealer say no warranty the scooter less than a year old :(


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