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Gift Ideas Please

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Good luck on meeting all your relatives.  Just be aware that relatives might bring their other relatives (but not necessarily your relatives).  :)

If you give presents to some relatives and not the other relatives, there will be hurt feelings. So how do you take care of this situation? You will soon discover that you have many, many distant relatives.
1)  Bring with you different types of chocolates and candies, the size that you give away on halloween.  When you arrive at your hotel, divide the chocolates and candies equally in ziplock bags.  These goodies should be handed out to the kids. After all, how often would kids be able to purchase and consume these type of goodies?

2)  I would hand out cash to the older relatives, maybe P500.00 or P1,000.00 each - so that would be like $12.50 - $25.00 on your part. Put the cash in the envelopes so that you are all ready to hand the cash out.  Although cigarettes and alcohol will be welcome by the male relatives, why support and encourage such habits?  :-\

3)  Also, you might also treat everyone to a hearty lunch. Go to the beach and have a picnic for everyone (with you paying for the food, of course) or just go to a restaurant.

4) T-shirts and baseball hats will be most welcome.

Again good luck and enjoy your stay.  Stay safe.

Big Jim:

--- Quote from: meylou on January 30, 2013, 02:45:54 AM --- Although cigarettes and alcohol will be welcome by the male relatives, why support and encourage such habits?  :-\

--- End quote ---
I will tell you why I do.
I don't smoke but regardless of what I tell them, they are going to smoke anyway. And when they have foreign cigarettes to smoke, smokers are very happy. In fact, giving them a packet of western cigarettes with warning signs and pictures of cancerous mouths may be beneficial in helping them to understand the dangers. There are no warnings on cigarette packets in the Philippines. 
Regardless of what I tell them. They are going to drink anyway. And it is traditional for Filipinos to sit around in a group and drink out of one glass. So, I am personally happy to take part in a Filipino tradition.

most of my philapino friends still say SPAM is a great gift goes good with fried rice and eggs but elders say give them money.

Gray Wolf:
Our last two balikbayan boxes contained 38 assorted cans of Spam, corned beef and sardines, 12 jars of peanut butter (Jif, my favorite) 3 large cans of instant chocolate drink mix, 3 large containers of oatmeal, 12 tubes of toothpaste, 50 assorted bags of chocolate candy, 30 T-shirts (assorted sizes), 4 multi-packs of batteries, deodorant, 10 bottles of multi-vitamins, 20 bottles of cough medicine, 8 boxes of crayons, 10 6-packs of Bic retractable ink pens, a 6-foot Christmas tree, 6 boxes of cookies, 3 jars of mayonaise, 15 bottles of body spray, 5 large jars of instant coffee and 5 large containers of Coffeemate

Hi all,

I was reading through this thread, and one thing kept popping into my head, that most of what you all have listed as gifts can be gotten in most malls in Manila, and other towns.

The first time that I went to the Phils, I brought with me what I thought would be unique items, like chocolates etc, only to find them on the shelves in the stores.

So, the next time that I went I made sure to bring with me things that cannot be found there in the stores, or are very expensive.

What did I not bring? Chocolate, in a any way shape or form, there is just an abundance of it there, all of the name brands, American, Canadian, European, etc...

What did I bring? Mainly maple syrup products, such as pure maple syrup, yes, which can be bought there but it is very expensive, maple sugar, maple sugar cookies, etc (can you tell I am from Canada? ;) lol)

I also take along other things that were mentioned, things that are unique to one's place of residence, such as souvenir stuff, like spoons, key chains, tshirts, etc.

The last time I was there, most of my luggage was gifts, and when I returned home I packed it full of gifts for people here. So it all worked out for me going and coming.

I don't like giving cash as gifts, but if it is Christmas, I will help out my asawa and stuff some envelopes or donate some cash for the festivities, and always help out with the expenses for the food.



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