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Symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, nausea; symptoms often progress to severe breathing problems, pneumonia that can result in death.
 Definitive diagnosis requires identification of the viral strain by immunological tests.
 Treatment may include antiviral medication and often requires intensive supportive care.
 Control efforts, including culling infected flocks and vaccinating healthy birds, have limited the spread of highly pathogenic bird flu strains.
 In 2011, a mutated strain of highly pathogenic bird flu appeared, H5N1, which is concerning because the existing poultry vaccines are not very effective against the H5N1strain; in 2013, a new strain, H7N9, appeared in China.
 Human infection with highly pathogenic strains of bird flu is uncommon, with about 622 cases reported as of March 2013 since 1997.
 Human infection occurs primarily in people who have close contact with sick poultry in countries where the virus is found; there have been isolated cases of human-to-human transmission.
 There is no commercially available vaccine for humans against bird flu strains; human infection with bird flu is fatal in approximately 60% of infected humans, but only a small number of humans have become infected since 1997.
 Bird flu from the highly pathogenic strains (for example H5N1) is not found in the United States at this time in birds or humans.
plus I will give you an medical page so is to futher Educate yourself for futur use>>>>>>:) there is no cure for bird flu just two meds that help fight the virus but then you need antibotics for the phenmonia inside your lungs ,,,,,why im I explaning to a -------------

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