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Any U.S. Veterans on this forum?

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Big daddy Ray:
Retired on Palawan in Puerto Princesa

USN 1973 - 1995

Loved every min of it!

I am a retired CW3. I did 6 years in the Marines in Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines and 18 years in the Army doing various other assignments, 3 tours in Germany and assignments in El Paso, Tx, Fort Bragg, NC, Fort Lewis, WA and Homestead AFB. I am currently planning a visit back to he Philippines the month of September. I plan to fly space A to Clark AFB and go from there.

Spent 6 years in the Marines 69-75 and 18 in the Army retiring in 1993. Got Drafted joined the Marines went to Vietnam for 1 year then did 18 months in the PI. From there it was Guam, Homestead AFB and ETS then 1976 to 1993 in the Army. 10 years in Germany, 2 years at Ft Bliss, 2 years Ft. Lewis and 2 years at Fort Bragg and then Redstone. Getting ready to come back to the PI for a visit September 1-22, then exit to Hong Kong 23-26 and return and exit back to the US on the 27th. Been a long hiatus since 1971.

USN,   1985-93 


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