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The things Filipinas sometimes say when chatting with other in their language

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All of the above is well said,
Most of the time here, when Im drinking with the family, they just chat along in waray waray, got to tell you though, seems my retention rate sucks..Maybe its a product of getting older, maybe its that for language I have a tin ear....years ago I was fairly fluent in Japanese so at one time I could learn, but now it seems if Maline tells me a word, by evening I have forgot it.

 I really dont worry too much about it though, most of my friends here are fluent in English, and those that are not we dont seem to have much trouble understanding each other....the only problem is when Im in the province, most there speak almost zero English and the waray waray they speak is different from least the accent is.

Malines aunt, who is the grand dame of the clan, and I get along very well, she would have made a great Marine.  So when Im there drinking with her, I dont worry at all, and though we usually dont understand a thing each other says, body language, gestures and such seem to be enough.

I totally agree that its their country, we are guest and as such should at least try to learn some of their language.
I  remember my father getting extremely upset when the old neighborhood we lived in went Asian and when he went to get stuff there, could not communicate any longer, with the mostly Korean people there.

As for house help, rarely will I say anything to them, Maline also has made it very clear its her area of responsibility.
Just last night we had a discussion about her wanting to let my sons YaYa go for reasons that after she explained it made sense to me.  The only thing she really asked me was about severance pay... As Ive said before, every time I went against her wishes, I proved myself wrong after a time and wished I had listened to her....


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