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Is anyone here from Cebu that is interested in Sport fishing? How about kayak fishing? Does anyone here know of any lakes here in Cebu that you can have a picnic or go fishing in a lake or pond?

Gray Wolf:
Hi Kenny!

I moved your topic to the proper board, "Sports and Leisure"

I don't know of any lakes near Cebu.  They have a large lake on Mindanao, but I wouldn't suggest going there to fish for security and territorial reasons.

Lake Patabangan on Luzon Island is a large, clean lake with a healthy population of Largemouth Bass.  No outfitters that I know of, however. 

I've been told and have seen evidence that there are good freshwater fish to be caught in the rivers and streams, especially those that feed agricultural areas.  My wife tells me that tilapia, catfish (known by locals as mudfish)  and snakehead are caught every day in the river behind our farm in northern Luzon.

Milkfish are often raised in fish pens on the many lakes and rivers.  I'm sure there are a few that make it out to free water and might be hooked in certain seasons.

These are some good guides for saltwater fishing:

Happy angling!

Thanks Gray Wolf...was actually just interested to find some fishing spots and buddys in the Cebu area...Also ones interested in kayak fishing since I am trying to promote the sport here in Cebu and get more people interested... :)

Gray Wolf:
My brother has a fishing kayak made for freshwater lakes in the US.  I haven't tried fishing from it yet, but am willing to try.  Are your fishing kayaks primarily like that or are they larger for saltwater?

John Edwards:
When I first started thinking about moving to the Philippines I wondered about the fishing. I like saltwater fishing and I looked around at fishing sites.

I have fished from canoes a couple times and sometimes from small flat bottom boats. Mostly when I went fishing in a canoe someone else got to fish me out of the water. Small flat bottoms were some what safer but I soon found that their bottom didnít fit well with mine.

I wound up with a series of center console boats the last one being 22 feet. I thought about bring it but shipping cost were high and I donít expect it could hold enough gas to get there on its own. Then I heard about the taxes they charge and gave up altogether and started communication with Steve Brown of

Heís not in Cebu now but I think he used to fish from there. He could tell you a lot more about what goes on.

This is not meant as an advertisement for him, just passing on a link.


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