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Bringing DESKTOP computer to the Philippines from the US RECENTLY

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Never had any issues with shipping things in personal luggage or in balikbayan box(s).  Shipping in larger items via freight companies is a very different treatment.

Well, my reading comprehension status took a hit on that last reply.  Allow me to modify.

I don't have a clue.  LOL  Seems that the airport securities/customs and all would treat the computers, be they laptop or desktop the same.  But I have no clue.

I'd be very careful if you are looking to use the LBC box to send.  I have them sent to me every year and before moving here I sent them.  But, I'd just get the biggest box, pack it, and send it.  Sometimes the boxes come squished and all.  So they are not handled with the greatest care.  Maybe they have a whole "fragile" status thing going, but even then, I still wouldn't trust the locals here to notice or care about such stickers on the boxes.  But, again, it's all guesswork on my side. 

I suggest you just call or email someone from customs.  I'm sure if you google enough and search enough you'll be fine.  I'd ignore telling them the costs and all and just tell them it's your personal computer and you don't like laptops...or something. 

Danson L.:
My Goodness, my FIRST Sentence in the post said DESKTOP Computer, I don't understand how this could be misunderstood. I know all about the LAPTOP computers, as I have been here for 15 years and made many trips back and forth to the the U.S holding onto a laptop. This post was about DESKTOP, DESKTOP, DESKTOP ONLY.
Thanks many times for all the wonderful information ie, U.S. Customs and Border Protection,  and ALL the POSTS. It is greatly appreciated. At 75 years old I don't like any problems at anytime, anywhere, any place, for any reason.!!!! hahahaha My motto is be PREPARED for the WORST that can happen, and HOPE for the BEST!!!!! Ya'll the best on this forum. THANKS again  >> Dan
P. S. I DID learn that if a DESKTOP computer is valued at over $2500.00, an EEI Form must be submitted to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency  [Thanks to Mr. Lee]  and Big Daddy Ray's information was outstanding also.  :)

Have you considered sending it here via a balikbyan box?


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