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Is there anyone who could give me an info about filing taxes? We just moved here in Laguna and we don't have any idea how to file our tax returns in the US. We need a tax preparer to help us. Please help...thanks!

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
First all, welcome! Can you kindly introduce yourself in the "Introduction Section" of this forum so that we all on here can get to know you better? Thanks!
About filing them taxes from here in the Philippines!
My suggestion would be to go on-line to "Turbo Tax", it's simple & affordable and sometimes free depending on your tax situation! Go on-line and create an account and do a trial run inputting all of your tax information and or just browse around and get familiar with all of the present day tax laws before starting! I've done our income tax electronic filing on-line every year for the past 10 years via Turbo Tax on-line, which only takes me 45 minutes from start to finish, because we don't have any exemptions or itemized deductions or take any tax credits in trying to cheap the system! Just keep it simple if you can or do it the long complied way if you have no other choice, but to do so!
We live in Sta Rosa, Laguna. What part of Laguna do you live in? Laguna is a pretty huge province!
I hope my suggestion helps! Good luck with your taxes!   

Thank you Art Re(tired) Fil/Am for the info about "Turbo Tax online". We're in Cabuyao, Laguna. Thanks again!

Gray Wolf:
TurboTax would be my suggestion also.  Welcome to the group!


The above company was recommended to me. They work with expats and difficult tax returns. I was assigned an adviser and waiting for her to contact me so I can start mine. The adviser was assigned within 24hours of contacting the company, that was Friday. I don't expect to hear from the adviser until Monday. I'll let you all know what the experience is like. Turbo Tax is clueless in my situation so a real person with tax experience and dealing with the IRS directly was a necessity.
Depending on your situation you may want to try this company. If you have a straight forward return I agree Turbo Tax will be fine along with half a dozen other online services.


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