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Facebook warning, read it, this is important

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Bisaya gyud:
I was already well aware that Facebook keeps a record of everything you do on their site - most of what you do can easily be found by clicking on your FB activity log.

Your ISP and Google know far more about you than Facebook does, and they'll happily sell all the info they have on you to anybody willing to pay for it.

And that's a reason why I never give any real identifying information.  If I open, say, an email account and they ask for a birthday, I give a fake name, BD, etc.  Same with everything.  If I have to give a phone #, I use a pay-as-you-play cell phone # that cannot be traced to me, etc.

There are a few things for which one must almost have a FB account.  Sure, I have one.  Fake name and everything, no photo of me, and I only access it from places that won't show my real ISP #, although that too can be faked.

I have a phoney "LinkedIn" account.  They keep asking why I won't post a photo to make myself more visible.  Are they nuts?

Even my ISP does not have my real name.  They just know that "John Doe" has an account and pays his bill every month from an account apparently in that name, linked to the generic cell phone #.

Not that I think too much of this matters, but I just like my privacy.  That's one reason why I live in a remote, off-the-grid location.  No one watching.  I do not care for modern cities where every move one makes is recorded on ubiquitous cameras.  But, in truth, I doubt that anyone has the time or inclination to sift through the information of millions and millions of individual internet users or video footage, although robots can do some sifting.  I just prefer to stay as low profile as I reasonably can.


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