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Well it is that time of the year again. Just e-filed our 2018 taxes for FREE with OLT.  Looking on the free file site at is fun.  Age, where you live, gross income, etc all play a part in which company you can use.  Then they tell you got to pay any way!  Some get you because you have an overseas bank account and need to file an extra form etc.  Some you can only pay if you have to with a US CC/debit with US address.

Reminder us living overseas have an automatic extension to 15 Jun as long as we don't owe IRS.  If you owe still need to pay by 15 Apr.

I ended up using since they were actually free when I finally submitted the taxes.  TurboTax $39.99. TaxSlayer a charge, TaxAct a charge.  Below is the IRS website page:                                                                                         

Chuck, this link to the Federal return is free but you had to pay for the state tax?  I always get stuck paying Federal and State taxes, dang I already filed.


Florida is my state so no taxes.  My retired military pay was below my deductible of $25,300 and SS was non taxable.


Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Just a general statement, some states you have to file state tax even if one doesn't live in her/his state of residency or non-residency.
I'm a nonresident of California and have not returned there in years, but I still have to file our state tax every year. It's no big deal I just do it and forget about it til next year.  >:( :( ??? ::) 


If any of the following apply then you are required to file in CA.

Amount of time you spend in California versus amount of time you spend outside California
Location of your spouse/RDP and children
Location of your principal residence
State that issued your driver’s license
State where your vehicles are registered
State in which you maintain your professional licenses
State in which you are registered to vote
Location of the banks where you maintain accounts
The origination point of your financial transactions
Location of your medical professionals and other healthcare providers (doctors, dentists etc.), accountants, and attorneys
Location of your social ties, such as your place of worship, professional associations, or social and country clubs of which you are a member
Location of your real estate property and investments
Permanence of your work assignments in California

My guess is you use BoA there and maybe still a DL.

They tried to get me in '68 and told them I left in '66 to join USAF.  Plus income was nontaxable because of Vietnam.  Never moved back or renewed DL, etc.   



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