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What would be the preferred motorcycle at your old age?


Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Just for kicks, my preferred motorcycle would be an enclosed electric 3 wheeler with air conditioning built for one person, since at my old age I just may tip over on a 2 wheel scooter with a passenger behind me. At least if and when my number is up, I will go by myself. ::) ??? :o ;)
It probably won't be cheap, the motorcycle or my cremation that is! :o
(See thumbnail pic below)

Good one Art, that's my kind of motorcycle.  I drove my motorcycle on Guam for 10 years and also in San Diego 4  years and the motorcycle I'd like to have would need to have 4 wheels and completely enclosed, boy....I've had enough of getting wet, packing groceries and other items, dealing with the elements and always blind sided by other drivers.


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