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LTO allows added LED lights on motorbikes but...


I am not sure this is a good thing....

--- Quote ---In a concession to motorcycle users, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is now allowing additional LED lamps to be installed on the bikes as long as these are placed below the handlebar and not switched on when passing through well-lit streets.
The LTO issued this and other new parameters on the use  of motorcycle lights, after drawing flak over a January 2016 memorandum that reiterated the drive against the unauthorized use of LED (light-emitting diode) and sirens (wang-wang).
“We don’t want blinding lights to the point that you endanger the oncoming vehicles. So we clearly defined what is allowed, where to place it, where to point it and which color,” LTO spokesperson Jason Salvador told the Inquirer on Friday.
According to a March 15 memo signed by LTO chief Roberto Cabrera III, a maximum of two supplementary lamps with up to six bulbs each are allowed. These lights should not be combined or placed side by side as a bar, must have separate switches and securely mounted.
The additional lamps should be white or selective-yellow, directed downwards and never toward the left side, and with deviation of optic axis direction at least 20 centimeters downwards at 10 meters forward.
‘Vague’ memo
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--- End quote ---

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Headlights are a given and most newer bike's headlight are usually on automatically when the engine is running. IMO, it also should include side and tail lights at night especially in en-climate weather, because I've come close to rear ending or side swiping some trikes and motorbikes that have weak and or no lights at night on the rear or sides of their bikes (their amber front and rear signal lights are too weak to notice from the side). 
These side and or rear amber lights should be mandatory at night!

The locals need to be educated on the whole lights on motorbikes thing.  I've seen so many and had a lot more tell me that i should have a switch on my bike for my lights to save on the battery.  Then, these same uneducated people have lights that don't work because their switch went bad, or a connection was lost due to them putting switches on their bikes.

Even Tina's family was telling me to do this.  At the time only one of her sister's had a bike and yes, had the switch put in.  So, on a night when I was doing maintenance on my bike I finally had it when they told me again I should buy a switch and put it on my bike.  I removed the battery, called her family out, and then showed them that there was no battery.  Then kick started the bike, and then, to their amazement, the lights went on.  I told them countless times that the battery doesn't power the light when the bike is running, but they refused to believe it until that night.

Guess who's bike doesn't have lights working now and they can only ride their bike during the day.... ;)

Oh well.  This law means that when traveling at night now there will be bikes with 4 more lights than is needed and they'll be pointed up high, right in the face of oncoming traffic, and on the pavement right in front of them.  I really hope it doesn't come to that....but I won't hold my breath.

As far was Arts post.  There is a lot that needs to be done on that.  They need to have reflective tape to put on the back of all tricycles and pedicabs when they come to get their license and such.  There are so many near accidents and in a few cases accidents where in the dark, the tricycle/pedicab is just not able to be seen.  Dark colors with no lights or reflectors.  Just such a dangerous thing for not only those in vehicles on the roads, but for the people riding/driving those pedcabs/tricycles.  For the good of their own stupidity get some reflective tape on the back of those.

Yup. The function of an alternator is a mystery here. Light = battery usage (as in torch) so lights =run down batteries. So they do not use the lights at night but no problem driving the thousands of LED and other flashing lights directly from the battery - as well as the mega Boom Box. Save the battery by not using headlights or indicators seems to be the rule.  ::)


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