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Children Riding Motorcycles


Let us see the enforcement of this law.


Gray Wolf:
This will never happen to any great extent. Hell, half of those I've seen operating motorcycles/tricycles are under 18!

6% of families in the Philippines own a car but 22% of families own a motorcycle or a tricycle. So good luck with that law.

Being a taxi user, my favorite thing is to look out the window when we go places. I am continually freaked out by seeing one, two and at times three small kids sandwiched between the Poppa motorcycle driver and the Momma motorcycle passenger. On the highway here in Davao, the helmet law is usually followed but the "sandwich kids" seldom have them and on secondary roads, hardly anyone wears a helmet.

I don't know what lawmakers were hoping to accomplish with that law. Even I know that many, many families simply cannot afford to do anything but ride with their kids on board.


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