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Boxes from Gold Coast, Australia

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Thanks guys, I already looked at BME web site but thought they only shipped out of Sydney and Melbourne. I\'ll try to chat to Tristan on Monday and see what the score is. I\'ll let you know.

Thanks again.


Here is a part of an email I received last night from my friend in Bris.  When he has more info I will let you know!!!!!    Regards

There is a guy here in Brisbane who we use to send Balikbuyan boxes to RP
Basil Amon
Philippine Express
F 07 3271 4810 
 Cell 0418 870 376
We just paid $170 for the box to go to Bukidnon
The cost depends where in RP its going to
Manila and Luzon is cheaper
We are seeing some people tomorrow who use balikbuyan boxes and they say that they have a cheaper forwarder that what we pay
The box size is good,there is no weight limit to it
Basil will be able to tell your mate if there is an agent at Tweed Heads

Boxes from there to here suck when it comes to price, the Australian Dollar is worth almost as much as the US dollar and its 60 USD for a really big box from the US, I don\'t know where they can get off charging 170 each, same container sizes and same ships, must be volume that is the clincher.


Gray Wolf:
Even from the midwest US we pay only $90 per large box and that includes shipping from Louisville to Chicago, then Chicago to the west coast where it\'s put on the container ship.  That\'s over 3000 miles of ground shipping before it hits the ship!  $170 from Oz to the Philippines is a rip off, IMHO.  Got to be a better rate from someone.


Thanks heaps for the lead Graham. Unfortunately, unless the box is so big it can take my three existing boxes, I\'d be up for $340. It would be cheaper to send airmail with Australia Post for $300 but neither figure would be a sensible use of the money. I\'ll call BME tomorrow and see how far I get.


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