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Title: Hello from the cold north!
Post by: iloveadobo on February 07, 2008, 02:17:50 PM
Hi Everyone,

My name\'s Manuel and unlike most members, I\'m formerly from the Philippines now living in Toronto.

But I\'m sure I got one thing similar with most of you - I wanna go back to Happy Land and stay there for good!

Unfortunately, that\'s not gonna happen anytime soon. So, I\'ll be contented reading thru ALL the threads in this forum and see my homeland in the eyes of the westerner who fell in love with the Philippines and hopefully share some insights about life there.

Mabuhay kayong lahat!


Title: Re: Hello from the cold north!
Post by: 1954bn1 on February 08, 2008, 10:59:08 AM
Hello Manuel,

From one Canadian to another I share your feelings. Although it isn\'t as cold here in Vancouver as in Toronto.

How long have you been in Canada and what do you do in Toronto (other than freeze or sweat with the humidity ;D).

Title: Re: Hello from the cold north!
Post by: iloveadobo on February 09, 2008, 02:00:52 PM
Hi Trevor,

It\'s good that you are in a friendlier environ than where I am at present. Enjoy the weather there while it lasts. I heard that some scientists are predicting that because of climate change, the snow will move to Vancouver and heavy rains will be a common in Toronto! (Kidding. I made that up. LOL)

My wife and our kids been here for 11 years now and we run a small business serving the Filipino community of Toronto for the last 3 years. So far, so good - business wise. Toronto\'s Filipino community is growing real fast and helped our business get by everyday for the past years. Canada is a real blessing for our family, I should admit.

Hey, you\'ve been to Palawan - it\'s one of the places in Happy Land that I missed during my last visit. Sure wish I will have enough time next visit to experience that paradise in the Pacific.

Best regards,

Title: Re: Hello from the cold north!
Post by: Rick B on February 09, 2008, 06:43:13 PM
Manuel (and Trevor)

I have been to Canada and know it to be a beautiful tolerant country, good luck to you both, been to both toronto and vancouver, beautiful cities both....anyway, sorry Manuel i agree with you, not living in palawan but the beautiful city of Davao, how lucky am i. I know you ex-pat Filipinos really miss your home and i know why (thats why i am here, i love the lifestyle) we all know some negative aspects of the Philippines but we also know the positive sides, the people, the weather, the well place really, what can i say....some day Manuel..................good luck to you
Title: Re: Hello from the cold north!
Post by: iloveadobo on February 17, 2008, 02:21:28 AM
Hi Rick,

By golly you are one well-traveled Brit, aren\'t you?

Anyway, congratulations on your decision to move to Davao - you make me envious! Yes, you\'re right there are negatives about living in the Philippines, but mostly those negative are from politicians - they don\'t represent the average Pinoys. Whenever I go back there, I don\'t feel that the average Filipino, however stressed financially they maybe, miss showing that beautiful smile that Filipinos are known in the world for. Don\'t you agree?

And yes, Canada is good place to call a home, but has her negatives as well. One of which is the weather, it\'s cold everywhere (except Vancouver)

I do miss living back in Pinas, but only after I have enough money to live on like you do. Health care is my primary concern if I do decide to live there again - you know - everything will come off your pockets. Otherwise, Happy Land is what it is to me.

Thanks for responding. Regards from the cold north.

Title: Re: Hello from the cold north!
Post by: Rick B on March 06, 2008, 07:43:16 PM

Just seen your post, sorry for missing it earlier and good luck to you there in Canada, but coming round to spring now so, hope for your sake things are pulling round. I genuinely think health care here in the Philippines is getting better, particularly in the cities of course and especially if you have d cash, which i think is what you are saying.....good luck my friend
Title: Re: Hello from the cold north!
Post by: rob_45ca on March 28, 2008, 09:44:29 AM
We are not far from you in Toronto. We live in Hamilton just down the road from you. My silly Filipino wife like it here with the cold for the first 2 years, now I am not so sure. We are going to the RP in Oct for 6 weeks and just the booking of things has got me all excited to get back there. There are a lot of us Westerners that have fallen in love with your home land and I am one for sure. I just feel so different when I am there with family and friends. Wow can\'t wait! I hope some day with your Canadian pension you can move back. Good luck to you.