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Every year for the passed 8 years I have lovingly played Santa for orphanages and is the best job
in the world bar none. I highly recommend it. It feeds thew soul.

Awesome Darboiux.  Great to see things like this.  Much respect.  I haven't done it yet, but my dad played santa more than a few times and I know as much joy as he had, he also had some heart breakers and other things. 

Thank you JoelLP! It IS a tough gig. I have gone home crying on many occasions but so worth it when you see their faces.

And the upcoming trend from darby will be "anyone like to help out with A. My health problems. B. My employment problem. C. My great "charity" work. D. My outreach programs. "

I don't think anyone on this board has the particular qualifications to help this person.  ::)

If the op does not want posts like some of the ones posted then I suggest he reply to the questions asked of him in his original thread asking for help

The members of this forum can be very helpful when a person gives specifics but they can also be very cynical because of all we have seen over the years.


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