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What is an ICR card?

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In my continuing search for a credit card I saw this document requirement and I am not familiar with the ICR card. What or who is the BSP, SEC or IC? What is their connection to the ICR card? I will guess SEC is the Securities Exchange Commission.

Immigrants Certificate of Residence (ICR) registered with or supervised or regulated by the BSP, SEC
or IC.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
It would just get more confusing and complicated to explain about the purpose of the ACR I-Card, but I just did a Google search here, so take your pick:

You need an ACR-1 card yearly.  So add that expense to your budget.
First time I lived here work took care of all that for me.  I just needed to show up and use their credit card and get it done.
This time around, noone was telling me what I needed to prepare for.  Truth is, I still don't have much of an idea what most of the stuff I am paying for is about.  I under stand the visa extension....and that's about it. 
But, the ACR card can also be used as an ID card in the Phils.  For what that is worth to you.  I sorta look at it as my ID card that I need to renew yearly....and doesn't allow me to drive.(not that I don't do that, but I don't go too far outside Catarman where I am protected due to Tina being related to the head of security)  I see that as a way for the gov to make money.  I hardly use mine for anything except at immigration.

Thanks for the catch on the ICR GW.  It felt wierd typing icr card. LOL

Also vicky, be prepared for photos every time you go to immigration.  After the first time I thought I was all set with photos.  Nope, every time.  My last ones looked real bad as I had a hat on and was unshaven and all that good stuff and was not prepared to be ordered to go get so 2x2 photos.  It might be different for you if you have a different type visa and all, but I don't know.


An ACR-I Card is, as JoeLP says, an I.D. for foreigners. Normally
when travelling in a foreign country you must carry your passport
with you at all times.

The card has a twofold purpose. To I.D. you to any Immig. officer
or, should he ever ask, a policeman. And secondly, to extract US$50
off you along with Express Lane fee Php500 etc., etc.

It also, as probably an unintended bonus, allows you to leave your
passport in a safe place and not carry it around with you!



On the back of the ACR-I Card in fine print it used to state that the I-card did not negate the need to carry your passport.  This may have changed.  Most people carried a copy of the 1st page of their passport and the last Visa stamp.



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