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Looking for highest ATM withdrawal limits

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Which atms have the highest withdrawals around Cebu City, (and the PI as a whole)? Thanks to Lee2 I have used the HSBC on Cardinal Rosales across from Ayala with P40,000 but are there any others? Any with higher withdrawal amounts?

I am mostly interested in the uptown areas, Ayala, IT Park, BTC, Country Mall. But we are going to tour upper Luzon soon and I'm also interested in banks up there.

As far as I am aware of only HSBC and Citibank give 40K per transaction.  Other banks give 5-20K depending on the bank.  HSBC has ATMs on Luzon but they are mainly in the NCR.  Most banks show their ATM locations on their websites.


Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
I have a USD & PhP BPI acct with ATM cards for both, each with a P20,000 per day withdrawal limit of P40,000 daily combined USD/PhP acct.
I have also withdrawn cash advances using one of my U.S credit cards. $1,500 in pesos with multiple withdraws (P20,000 per transaction) in one day and another $1,500 the following day, depending what your bank has set your daily limit at up to your maximum credit limit.

Daily limits are set by your bank back home, now with that said,

UCPB I read was p40,000 for that person, worth a try. For locations

Citi is supposed to be p50,000 right near Ayala

EastWest Bank daily limit is set at p50,000 so it also might follow that the same amount might work with a foreign card.

LANDBANK Visa Debit Card has a p50,000 daily limit so it might follow that a person should be able to pull p50,000 from their machines using another Visa ATM card

Has anyone tried? and Hoz if you try any of the others then please report back.

MetroBank in our area (Bataan/Pampanga border) limit to PhP 10,000 per pull, 30,000 daily total, per Metrobank Piso account.

I have used my (UK) Bank of Scotland debit card in MetroBank locally and their (Metrobank) 10K/30K limits also applied, although I was able to withdraw more the same day (up to my BoS Sterling daily limit) in another bank's ATM. Think that was BDO, but don't quote me in that!  8)



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