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OMG! Could this be True? Not even close to the P37.50 prediction!

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hey art goto your bank they will give you more I got 45

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Who you bank with? Whatever is quoted on-line, that's what my BPI bank will give, nothing more unless I get in line, withdraw my dollars over the counter and hunt around for a money exchanger that will give a higher exchange rate that the banks will give!
I only go to my bank once a month when I have to deposit my U.S. personal check, other than that it's just to the nearest ATM when we need a few pesos on grocery day once a week!   

RCBC dasma cavite most RCBC manager will give you a Better rate just ask them, they always give me a better rate they call some one on the phone then quote it to me more higher I promise its true ART..

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Now that you put it that way, we do have an RCBC near us and they do exchange dollars at better rates, but then I would have to go to my bank, stand in line and withdraw from my dollar account over the counter and then go across the street to RCBC and exchange my dollars, but at P45 I would exchange a lot more than just a few dollars! I'll check into it the next time I exchange on-line and hopefully the dollar keeps climbing for a while!   

Gray Wolf:
As of this posting XE lists the exchange rate at 42.9895


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