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Peso(s) or Piso?

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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Just from my personal experience as I relearned to speak and write the basic Tagalog language over again, it all depends really how it sounds in a sentence to a Filipino! If a foreigner isn't fluent in the Tagalog language, he/she may not know the difference, because both words, piso or peso(s) can also be used depending on the English or Tagalog version of saying or writing it down in print correctly!

Here are just a few examples in how both words, piso (pisos for plural, can not be used) or peso (pesos, for plural can be used) and depending on the sentence structure of being asked and answered appropriately. 

You want to buy something and the salesperson ask you how much you want to pay?

T: Piso lang (P1.00), tatlong piso (P3.00), dalawang daan piso (P200) isang libong piso (P1,000).
E; Just one peso, three pesos, two hundred pesos, a thousand pesos (Piso inappropriate to use here).

A descriptive sentence:
T: Ang palit ng piso or peso(s) ay pinamakataas ngayon! (both can be used and plural for pesos)
E: The peso exchange rate is at an all time high today! (piso or plural for peso can not be used here)

There are other phases in which Peso(s) and Piso can be used appropriately as to making it sound right to the average Filipino, but not necessarily to a foreigner not familiar with the Tagalog dialect phonetically speaking.
Most foreigners would just shrug it off and pay no mind to it whether to use Piso or Peso! It would just make a few local's eyebrows to rise inquisitively silent as to not offend the foreigner since it's just a minor historical/cultural/language technicality!

Appropriate in this context: The One Peso coin (Piso) 
The "One Piso" coin doesn't sound right in English IMO, but some, even Filipino professors and foreigners a like still persist in doing so! As I said, it's no big deal, but there's still a difference from my own personal observation and opinion!     
Yeah, and some would say too, "who gives a rat's _ss" huh! ??? :o

Big Jim:
If your Philippines money has the word PESO on it, it is fake.
That is all the incentive I need to use the word PISO.

Gray Wolf:

I know this thread is old but I found this thread quite interesting.

So, should you use PISO or PESO?

In Bicol, PISO is the term used for coins. Sometimes, piso means ONE coin.

PESO, on the other hand, is the general term for Philippine currency.

Big Jim:

--- Quote from: Sam218 on October 15, 2018, 01:28:17 PM ---I know this thread is old but I found this thread quite interesting.

So, should you use PISO or PESO?

--- End quote ---
I should think you can use what every spelling you want

But, as I already stated. PISO is what is on Philippines money. For me, it is the only term to use!


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