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What China clames is theirs in the South China Sea, really?

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Was looking around and have seen this before but thought it would clarify the debate on the Spratly Islands.
Seems Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and China all claim them.

I saw a map somewhere online that blew me away.  It was a "maritime borders" map.  It show what Spratly islands were within a smaller distance(i think 5 miles?), a medium distance(20 miles i think) and a longer distance(45 miles or something like that).  It said that these distances are all accepted for maritime "claim" laws.  In not one of these maps did China have a single Spratly island fall inside their maritime borders.  Mean while, between Veitnam and the Phils pretty much every island fell inside their borders.  Malaysia even got a few of the more southern islands. 
After seeing those, it really put it in perspective.  Too bad I can't remember what site I saw those maps on.

Gray Wolf:
This map shows the overlap of the major claims

Steve & Myrlita:
It sounds like China has full intentions of claiming everything including The Philippines.

That map does show the claims.  That was also on the site I speak of.  To me what was interesting what the whole "maritime borders" and how in many parts of the world they are used to decide who islands belong to.  And how if those were followed when i comes to the spratly islands, china has no claim. 
I understand that due to the fact that there are a number of islands that following those maps would be claimable by multiple countries that using the maritime border maps is not really going to happen.  It was just interesting to me that the country that pretty much is the furthest away is doing the most claiming and moving the military in to make sure it keeps it.


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