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New design Philippines coins


I hate them, opinions?

They're coins.  We're in the Philippines on top of that.  They'll change soon enough.  The design doesn't bother me, but I wish they would have added color.  Don't like them all the same color and not that big of a difference in size and shape.  What they had you could almost tell which was which just by feeling them in your pocket.  Like the change in the USA.  Going to have to take a closer look at them now before I spend with them.

That they are all the same color makes it difficult to recognize the different denominations quickly.

But it is what it is.  The new coins are much cheaper in material costs.  They are all nickel plated steel.  (FWIW, you can pick them up with a magnet.  Nickel and iron are ferromagnetic materials.  Steel is mostly iron.)

Agree with others that they are not very attractive and the size color issue will take some time. I kind of like the idea of these denominations in my pocket rather than in a wallet with the larger bills. I was always leery about pulling my wallet for a couple of small notes, and this change will help. If I had a choice, I would vote no.

It was so easy telling what the old coins were, especially the p5 and p10 and now I find it so hard to see what the new coins are, especially at night when in a taxi. Oh well, it is what it is, and what is the worst that can happen, I end up paying a little too much, no big deal in the scheme of things when taxis are so inexpensive anyway.


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