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Author Topic: Hello Everyone !!! Final Retirement Plans In Process  (Read 2542 times)

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Re: Hello Everyone !!! Final Retirement Plans In Process
« Reply #15 on: February 01, 2023, 12:40:17 AM »
Thank You for ALL of your comments. I definitely listen to all and I will do much research before I make the final move so things can go as smoothly as possible for me. In regards to medical, fortunately I do not have any issue's and I am on no medication whatsoever, but I agree, we cannot for-see the future. So medical is something I am not going to skimp on in regards to being accessible to some medical facility not to far from where I decide to grow roots. I do love the heat, but I am not familiar with exactly how hot and the type of heat it gets there, other than what family and friends tells me, but I will experience it first hand once there, but I really am not to worried about it. This is why one of the places I am researching is Valencia. I do know they have cooler weather there, but with a little mosquitos issue there, but I will deal with that also. I can always move to a different location if something is not good or safe enough for any reason. In regards to my dog, I am reading as much online about this subject as I can, including all the dog laws there. I have been communicating with a couple dog owners there and they are helping me understand the environment for dogs there. Yes, it is going to cost me roughly $1500 to get my dog there. In regards to amenities available in the USA but not there, I will adjust. As I go through each step of research, I am definitely going to ask as many questions as needed on this forum as I know I can learn a lot from members here. Thank You for your kindness as it is MUCH appreciated.

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Re: Hello Everyone !!! Final Retirement Plans In Process
« Reply #16 on: February 01, 2023, 03:54:13 AM »
I echo and agree with all that has been mentioned. The family and I just got back from the PI a few weeks ago, it was just another month-long trip to visit relatives and do another visual survey on our property since my youngest son is still in college. Our near future plan is to spend the majority of the year there and a month or 2 stay back in the states for any unforeseen issues that may arise and to visit family here.

My #1 concern is as most have stated, routine medicine or medical emergencies. I have been in 2 small local hospitals in the Cabanatuan area and was in awe of the visual conditions of the facilities, lack of proper lighting, lines of sick or hurting people waiting to be seen, etc. Neither time was the visit for myself but for relatives. Prior to this I once visited a friend in a public hospital in Korea in the early nineties and remember seeing the same thing and stating it was the worse medical facility I've seen. I can no longer say that after being in the PI medical facilities. I guess it is what it is and I'm just stating my opinion of what I've seen just in these two places, I can't attest to anywhere else in the PI. 

#2 is the traffic once you leave the province. We only planned & did three big adventures this time as opposed to trying to do 4 or 6 the last time, why? Traffic will eat up much of you time anywhere you travel. The populace congestion of trykes, people, jeepneys, bikes, etc and lack of proper traffic controls will have you scratching your head. Again, it is what it is so just be sure to plan accordingly and expect slow long delays. 

Other than the medical concern I am fully content when in the Philippines. I love the people, the geography, the oppressive heat, storms, food and I can look past the traffic since I am retired and really have to be nowhere in a hurry. My family states that I am a much happier person when I am there. I look forward to when we can make the PI home permanently.


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Re: Hello Everyone !!! Final Retirement Plans In Process
« Reply #17 on: February 19, 2023, 12:28:24 PM »
Hello Everyone .....  I am in process on planning some time next year in 2024 my final retirement location to, The BEAUTIFUL Philippines !! Just a bit about myself, I am a 67 year young, currently existing, in the USA. I want to continue my life, living, in the Philippines for multiple reasons. My Mother is Spaniard but was born and raised in the Philippines. My Father is 1/2 Spaniard - 1/4 Filipino - 1/4 Irish/English and was also born in the Philippines ( I guess this would make me 1/16 Filipino - LOL, I don't know ). My Father was a Manager at the 1st Coca-Cola Plant in Manila and he also was a know Basketball Player playing on the Manila Basketball team ( position he played was center ). With a total of 5 children in our Family, me being the youngest, all were born in the Philippines, EXCEPT ME. I was born in the States after my Parents relocated the Family to the USA in 1953. I believe we are Mestizo. I am familiar with many Filipino customs, I cook some of the food and even though I was not born and raised in the Philippines it is naturally in my blood. My Mother always held on to instilling many of the customs on us children. I am researching area's to retire in like Davao, Valencia, Dumaguete and Bacolod City. All I know is I want to be in a Province. I have begun my spreadsheet containing everything needed to to relocate but I know I am going to have many questions during this journey. I hope I can get many of the answers here on this forum to help make our transition as easy and smart. I Thank You ALL in advance and I am looking forward to corresponding with Very Nice people here on the forum. Salamat

You say that your Mother and Father were born in the Phil's.. That fact pretty much makes you a Filipino also. Do you have dual nationality? If not then might be best to inquire how to acquire it at your nearest Phil embassy..Will save you a lot of money on future visa fees etc.
I have been visiting the RP since 82 and living happily in Bohol since 2008..Check out our Province..Great place to retire IMO!