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Have you married a filipina and moved to Philippines?

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--- Quote from: M.C.A. on February 26, 2022, 10:52:14 AM ---13a Visa is the way to go if the Philippines is your final stop but I wouldn't get this Visa if you plan on returning to your homeland. 

The reason I mentioned this is that I do know of an Expat that left and then wants to return for vacation with his wife but was worried about his expired ACR card and Visa, and for good reason because you'll be held until you pay your fines they do rack up. 

If you do decide to leave the Philippines but have a 13a Visa, then I'd look into what's needed to cancel your ACR card.

--- End quote ---

Good to know. Probably not going to settle in Philippines permanently - would probably spend part of the year in UK and part in Philippines, with flexibility on the ratio (but probably 75% in UK).

Was interested to know if the marriage visa approach eased the process somewhat and made things less of a hassle - it doesn't sound like it, unless (as you say) you're never leaving Philippines. Renewal in-country seems the way to go, long may it last! :)


I have lived in Bacolod since 2009 and had my 13-a Visa since 2010. I went to Florida to deal with a family emergency in 2014, exiting and re-entering without a problem.

Last year, I had to renew my ACR I-Card and due to travel restrictions, I had my attorney handle it. That was February 2021 and I am still waiting on my new ACR I-Card and my US Passport to return to me. I followed up with my Attorney and she said due to Covid, they are behind. She had to do my Annual Bacolod BI Report for me and explain why I did not have any documents.

Wowsers...  would be my reply, I thought the whole reason for hiring an attorney was to make things run smoother but, I have to say that this attorney has dropped the ball and it appears they are making excuses?  So many people, what?  if anything the last year there were hardly any people or tourists to slow down the Philippine Bureau of Immigration Offices and the US passport can be done through the mail system or done as per instructions on the US Immigration office Manila renew passport page.

My two dealings with lawyers were terrible, one was for my children's immigration the other was for trying to get a title for our land, I no longer will use any attourneys.


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