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Self employment / Investment OFW


My request is not for myself and is from a different point of view then that of an expat.

It relates an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) who can / want to return home.


which possibilities has a OFW  who returns home with some money to invest to live (in Manila area) of own:

- self employment job

- investments

Any consideration you are willing to express is highly appreciate.
Thank you for your attention

Here below some of the most important points:

0) This Forum (obviously) :)

1) In the past years the Government of the Philippine (through the DTI (Department
of Trade and Industry)) has published information about starting a
micro/small business. There are short card (two pages) with
technical/bureaucratic/financial information how to start the business - They cover
items from poultry / piggery in the backyard to repair shop for mobile phone with everything
in the middle.

2) The DTI in 2015 published also 3 books:

- 2015 A Guide To Registering Your Business 6 pages
- 2015 Do you want to go into business 49 pages
- 2015 Your Guide to Starting a Small Enterprise 265 pages

They are very comprehensive and practical.

Since this forum is made up mostly of tourists, Expats and those who wish to be, we usually do not deal with issues of OFW but because some of our members may have OFW within their families or friends, possibly they can post opinions on the subject based on those people.

I will post links to YOUR GUIDE TO STARTING A SMALL ENTERPRISE for anyone who wishes to read the information they provide.

We have a bunch, probably easily over a dozen, of OFW but I think only one or two have ever came back and they are out in the provinces somewhere working fields.  The only thing I really know about starting a business (which myself, I have no interest in doing) is that the business taxes beat up businesses just like they do in the US.  But, I lately I have been looking at what is going on here with them in a little more depth and from what I can tell (and there are even a newspaper article in I think the Manila Times on it) is that small businesses are the big winners in the tax reform in the Philippines.  And the TRAIN act took effect at the first day of 2018.


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