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Pacquiao Bradley fight

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Hey Joel, we watched a live stream on FB,,,,,,,some one doing a naughty,,,,,,,I was driving but caught most of it while driving back from Brisbane to the Sunny Coast, you are right, there was a lot more dancing this time around,,,,,,,,,,time to retire,,,,,,,,how many hundreds of millions can one want as well as a political career? A true tough guy with a bright future not only in PI but all over the world, a well known and respected face, hope he does well in the future for himself and PI.
Cheers, Steve

I watched the fight on GMA. Wow, what a terrible way to broadcast a fight. It's just a single 3 minute round, then immediately followed by 5-7 minutes of commercials. Then the next 3 minute round, followed by 5-7 minutes of commercials, etc.. Especially since I thought the fight was mostly boring (as I find most of Boxing, which is why I watch the UFC) - it made me just want to turn off the TV and just go google the results. I stuck with it...but damn was it painful.

I downloaded a HD version last night and watched this morning commercial free and in English. Although I knew the final outcome because of Facebook I had not watched any of the fight prior to this morning and thought it was a pretty fight. I was more impressed with the after fight comments made by both guys, both were stand up class acts, very impressive.


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