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Tom and Mel - April 8-27, 2010

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Big Tom:
Here are a bunch of photos from my trip. I\'ll break them up over a few posts. I\'ll try to post a trip report soon. Please feel free to add me on Facebook as well:

Tom and Mel at Mactan Airport, Cebu

Tom and Mel

Mel, Kobe, and Tom

Tom and Mel at Marco Polo Hotel

Kobe Otot!!!! Ayaw!!

Christmas Card Photo

Big Tom:
Kobe at Ayala Mall

Kids of Japer Quiot

Filipino Barbeque

Me and Mel at Ayala

Big Tom:
I had plenty of headroom in the taxis.

Lola after a long day of shopping.

Talking with Mel\'s Dad at Golden Cowry Restaurant, Lahug, Cebu

Me and my second best friend, \"Sweat Towel\" at Magellan\'s Cross, Cebu

Mel\'s Mom and Dad at Golden Cowry Restaurant, Lahug

look up the link for how to post from Photobucket, would link it for you but gotta run for morning appointments, gregw can probably link it fore you.

Big Tom:
yeah, i\'ll use photobucket. i\'m familiar with it. thanks greg.


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