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Is there any place near Manalia where we can rent a fishingadventure?
Anyone who knows about the price level?

We are not allowed to post websites here  >:(, but try googling \"pantabangan fishing\" and go from there.  Some monster large mouth bass are being taken with rod and reel there.


Gray Wolf:

--- Quote from: ricemannv on March 07, 2010, 04:22:33 PM ---We are not allowed to post websites here  >:(

--- End quote ---

Sorry this is so late, everyone, but somehow I completely missed this post earlier.  Forgive my late response.

It is important to note this however because Riceman is incorrect in making his statement about websites not being allowed to be posted here on LinPC.  Sorry Riceman, no harm, no foul.   :)   
Please allow me to inform everyone that we do allow website URL\'s to be posted, just not competing blogs or discussion groups.   ;)   ;D   ;D     

Links to fishing sites, tour groups, resorts/hotels are all allowed, so long as the poster isn\'t the owner of said commercial venture.  No free advertising!   ;)   :)

And for other \"adventures\" their home page lists many:

(This is not an endorsement of e-Philippines. We have no commercial connection to them. We neither endorse nor condemn the site. - Admin)   ;D  ;D  ;D


Hi, just came home from The philippines and I can tell you guys that we had a fishing adventure, in Boracay.
It wasn\'t what I expected, but still, its a good memory.
I asked one of these guides who nag you at White Beach if he knew anything about going out to the sea for some fishing.
Oh yes, he could fix it. 1500p for the boat and 700 pr equipment and then 100p for the bait.
I said oki, and told him to bring two rods with reels for me and my son, Honey followed as well, not to fish just to take a trip.
The boat was one of these catamarans they use in Boracay and thats fine to us. Of course we understood that we would be close to the shore with that boat, no deep sea fishing.
But when he showed me the the equipment I understood that this is The Philippines, not Norway.
700p for that crap was highway robbery, the rod was broken and the reel was rusty.
But we where at the open sea, no time to argue so we made the best out of it.
The no fishing lady was the first to catch a fish, she used a plastic bottle with a line and a hook with a bait, thats it. Thats was her first fish to catch ever, and she was very excited, lol. All in all she catched four fishes, and my son took 3. I lost a big one and got home without any fish.
All in all did we have a fun tour even the equipment was crap and we didn\'t get far out. But for those who want to try something similar do I recommend you to bring your own equipment.

So what kinda fish and what size?

Didn\'t notice many/any catamarans on Boracay they\'re more trimarans and are called paraws


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