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Raising fresh water fish/shimp


I thought some might be interested in this link:

Gray Wolf:
Great site with very good info!  Thanks B-Ray!

I\'ve been reading about some rice farmers in Indonesia that are leaving a 1 meter wide by half meter deep channel at the front or or back of their rice fields, and raising their tilapia in the rice field. Surprisingly they dont use any fertilizer or pesticides because the fish take care of that business. The issue is making sure they have enough water running into the field and not overloading the fields with too many fish per field. It didn\'t mention how big the fish are or the quality.  Actually, sounds like a plausable idea, maybe if they added a wind operated aerator, that would really help out a lot.

Maybe another hobby when I move to the PI for good... ;D

Free Aquaculture Info.

Fish and Chicks: Women in Aquaculture
Speaker: Dr. Laura G Tiu (alumna, 1986 BS marine biology)
Fish and Shrimp Queen-Aquaculture Specialist
Ohio State University (go bucks)    


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