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Dumaguete gets top 5 ranking for where to retire.


Not a bad setup per yahoo.

Zak Sparrow:
Hmmm Dumaguete?? I leased a place near Dumaguete .....Tanjay for 2 winters. Negros Oriental was a very reasonable place to live and unlike Luzon or Cebu, I didn't have a huckster on every corner trying to con me, pick pocket or charge me skin tax. The beaches on negros oriental leave something to be desired. Most are trashed and nothing but cesspools. Overall the locals are very friendly and hospitable and although I don't like cities, Dumaguete pretty much had everything I needed for my home to live comfortable. I got west nile virus there, and was taken to the hospital in Dumaguete by what they called an ambulance in old Toyota van that had just got into a head on collision on their last run....oh well they swept the glass out, cleaned up the blood and packed me in...lmao Yes they do have some talented doctors at the local hospital who come from the U.S. to teach at the university. There used to be only 2 flights to manila per week, I don't know if that has changed?

The financial requirements to qualify are low, and the benefits are globally competitive, including duty-free importation of household belongings and the ability to own a business, work or go to school.

A local still doesn't need to be a partner or the writer wasn't told that tidbit?


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