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Sometimes things just fall together.

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So after I moved here(Tina already talked me into building a house behind her family's.  I did it in faith) it didn't take me long to regret where I decided to invest money in building a house.  Water, food from fridge, and more all disappearing on a regular basis.  I wanted out and to buy/build a home somewhere further away form the family.

For about 21 months now I've been hunting for the place, and it seemed quite elusive.  I was even settling for other homes in Catarman, but on the other side.

Then yesterday happened.  The sisters finally pushed Tina too far and she stormed up into our 2nd level of our home and the look on her face was not a happy look.  It was that mad look that made me wonder if it was better for me to sit quiet or to sneak out.  I sat quiet.  Finally she said "We're moving out." and that's it. 

After a bit of time, about 30 minutes she talked again and was calmer.  Now, wasn't going to get in the way of this happening at all, but then had to bring it up to her that we have one issue, where to go.  She said she got that taken care of.  We went to a birthday party we already made plans for and were invited to and accepted the invitation to months ago.  Had fun, but on the way home she had us take a turn off the road one town from the town we live in.  I've taken this national road often, but never this side road.  Went back about 50 meters and she had me turn into a home's driveway. 

Unbeknownst to me, this is one of Tina's cousins.  In a very nice all cement built home on a nice lot.  The same cousin who's been talking to Tina a lot over the last 6 months trying to sell us her home.(she was married to a Japanese business man who bought her the lot and built her the home) and they are done now.  the home is too much for her to handle. 

So anyway, I went from trying to talk Tina into us getting our own place, without being able to find one, to now we are renting with plans to buy a much better house that is at least 5 miles from her family(doesnt' sound like much, I know,but most of her family doesn't have bikes or any other form of transport, so it's by a long way good enough for me) and I have Tina's blessing.(hell, she was pushing me out with her this time.)

Crazy how things work sometimes.  Always been in control of where I live and my ability to find a good home/condo/apartment throughout my life.(USA living)  Here, I struggle more than I want at it, and got real lucky with this.   A nice rural area, just a bit outside the Bobon town where a lot of the other foreign men that I like to talk with live.(I avoid a lot of the foreign men in Catarman.  They're are the type that can do nothing but complain about the place they decided to live in(Philippines).   A fully finished with cement walls, floors, and roof with a nice large(2000gal) water tank on the roof, nice windows(no screens, but that's fixable), and quality electric set up(high gauge wires in the walls). 

Sometimes you just get real lucky.

It was always my policy back home to never live within 50 miles of in-laws or outlaws. If you live too close then their problems become your problems. That is more so a problem in countries like the Philippines. Here I think about 20 miles will suffice.

Anyone retiring here would do well to heed that advice if you want a somewhat peaceful retirement.  :'(


--- Quote from: JoeLP on April 24, 2015, 12:12:58 AM ---Then yesterday happened. 

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I love when that happens and the wallet does too. lol

I've only had a couple small issues with family and the wife put an end to it quickly. The wife did admit just recently that some of her family had tried talking her into finding another foreigner, one who has more money and can support everyone. I was happy to hear that she was highly pissed off and offended by the comments and put an end to it by making the comment at least he worked hard for 30 years for the small pension he receives which takes care of all mine and the three kids needs which is more than I can say for some of you that have never worked a real day in your life and always have a hand out. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when she said it and seen the look on their faces. Granted I am considered a cheap ass by them but they are fully aware I will not support them without cause.

JoeLP I feel for you and I hope your situation will be a learning experience for others.

Now please do not take this as an insult, but you had to leave a home that you bought and paid for, it is now reasonable to assume that the same taker family will get to inhabit the home you paid for, so to me it seems they won by you having to move. I think I would have put locks on the doors and windows and forbid any of them to enter your home but I am not you.

I hope your new home works out for you but IMHO you are not far enough away from the family, I suggest you move to another island and you might wish to consider a condo or gated community so that people need permission to be able to visit. JMHO


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