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Belgium arrested escorting 2 girls, 2 boys and their aunts 18 & 19

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Here is a case that could be a foreigner doing wrong or he may be totally innocent, since the aunts were 18 and 19, yet he was arrested anyway. I love the way they title the article as if all four were underage, but what about their aunts. So once again guys and gals, all it takes is for them to think one of us is up to no good, when it could be a quite innocent thing of the girls wanting to bring along some of their family for a vacation.

--- Quote ---Authorities rescued four children and apprehended a 60-year-old Belgian national at the Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT) yesterday morning in what was suspected to be a case of human trafficking.

Personnel from the International Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT) and police officers on duty at the terminal arrested Van Dee Broek after he was found escorting two girls and two boys, aged between 3 and 13, and their aunts, aged 18 and 19.

Dee Broek and the minors were about to take a bus ride for Moalboal town, a popular tourist destination southwest of Cebu City, when authorities swooped down on him at around 9:30 a.m. yesterday.

He was immediately placed under arrest when he failed to present legal documents to prove his filial relationship with the children.
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Innocent or not isn't that situation illegal?  (I don't know, I'm asking.)  If it was the mother, then maybe it's ok?  But since it's an only aunt it's not ok even if it's an innocent situation?


--- Quote from: suzukig1 on December 27, 2017, 04:57:39 PM ---Innocent or not isn't that situation illegal?  (I don't know, I'm asking.)  If it was the mother, then maybe it's ok?  But since it's an only aunt it's not ok even if it's an innocent situation?

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That is a good question and one those who are not locals need to know about. Many guys date women in the Philippines who bring along a chaperone, who might just be underage and may not even be a family member of theirs.

Quite a few years ago a friend in Florida asked my wife and I to meet a lady he had been writing to in Cebu since we would be there anyway and we did, the lady brought along a chaperone cousin who happened to be way under 18, my wife and I took them both out to eat and we all sat and talked and then they went home, technically my wife and I were in violation of the law at that time and since that was before forums and before I ever heard of these laws, it worries me to know that even I could have ended up in jail for doing something perfectly innocent and that I had no knowledge of being against the law.

Also in one topic recently I pointed out the same law Republic Act No. 7610 which could be used against any of us, if we happen to somehow be in the company of an underage girl or boy who is not related, I think we all know how everyone calls everyone auntie, many ladies call my wife auntie but are in no way related. Anyway guys and gals, keep it all in mind and I guess do your best to never be around someone underage whenever possible.

Some more information in another news article posted at the below link

Follow up. It is beginning to look more and more like he is innocent

--- Quote ---Family traumatised by Belgian man’s ‘wrongful’ child trafficking arrest
A relative of the children a Belgian man was accused of trafficking in Cebu has claimed her family has been traumatised by his wrongful arrest.
After his arrest, the family immediately rushed to the police station to defend him, telling officers he had been a close friend of the family for many years.

Despite their words, and clear evidence on his Facebook page of a long-term friendship, the 60-year-old remains in custody.

Two days after his arrest, the initial trafficking charge against the Belgian was dropped by a judge, only to be replaced with an accusation of child abuse, which Mr Van Den Broek and the family also deny. Bail has been set at 120,000 pesos.

“Because they all told the same story, the cops were willing to drop the charge, but a lady from IACAT still believed that Koen was doing human trafficking even with no proof or evidence.

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