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Gray Wolf:
Excellent!!   :)


--- Quote from: Colin on November 17, 2012, 06:55:20 AM ---I'm using Balanced, no pictures or adds just a clean clear look.

--- End quote ---
:P :P :P But we can still see yours   :D :D :D

Gray Wolf:
An update on this old topic for the benefit of our newer members.  The choices for your forum themes are as follows:

Forum Default "Curve"



"ADK Cool Black"


"Minimalist and Effective"

Click "Profile", then "Modify Profile", then "Look and Layout".  Select a theme from the list and then click "Change Profile" at the bottom of the page. 

If you don't like the new profile, change it again until you find one that fits your likes.

I know it is allot of work to keep to kep everything running smoothly, doing updates and keeping everyone happy. All this done just help people to be more informed. I know you are doing all of this because you love Philippines and the people who are here.
I also realize it is with all the help of your regular followers.

I enjoy reading all the topics, please forgive if I ask for information that I have missed.
I am sure that there are many things that change but also many things that stay the same.

Four years ago I heard the Dept of Tourism promising to rebuild the massage road to the Underground River. Did this ever get completed.

Al I want to say is keep up all the good work :)

Travelguy (Philip)

Real cool I changed to the balanced theme.


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