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Cebu Condo Rentals


Looking for info concerning month to month rental rates for a nice Condo in Cebu.

Please talk about utility charges and Wi-Fi too


I think you can find them on the below site for short term rentals

As far as internet, if you get one within the city then you can buy a pocket wifi or an LTE Cellphone that you can share the data with your computer on and that would cost around p995 for 30 days with a data cap of 800 mb a day, that is what we do when we are there but I have an LTE cellphone, a pocket wifi as a backup and also a Huawei B315 with outside antenna house unit to make sure that I have enough data for the months we stay in Cebu.

There are also hotels such as Golden Peak who have condo apartments in them with internet that they rent.

One of our members tom.inbigdtexas I believe rented one off airbnb that was right next to Ayala Mall, maybe he can give you some information on that when he gets back on.

Hey Bob.  I have sort of a regular routine that works well for us.  Upon arrival, check into Bella Vista Hotel, which is on Mactan near entrance to new bridge, one mile from airport.  It is an old hotel, but lots of character.  Big lobby with free wifi, free buffet breakfast, terrific roof top dining area with spectacular view of Cebu City across the channel.  All of our family live on Mactan, so very convenient for everyone. It is about $50/day.

After a few weeks, we move to Condo in Cebu Business Park.  This is where Ayala Mall is located.  This gives me walking access to unlimited food choices, every type of retail store, safe places to just hang out, and even mix with other expats if you are interested.  Wife spends almost every day with family, but this lets me have some "me" time.  Last Feb/March we stayed at Avalon.  Lobby door is about 100 yards from Ayala entrance.  You can shop at Rustans or Metro super markets, and they will deliver groceries to your condo.  We rented a 1,000 sq/ft 3 bedroom because we traveled with another couple and several nieces spent time with us.  Due to the size/location, cost was $3,000/mo.  There are about 10 very nice condo projects in Ayala area.  Next trip will just be wife and I, and 1 bedroom condo in Ayala area can be found for about $1,000/mo.  We use Airbnb website.  I love it.  Once you set up your account and get prequalified, you can very quickly and easily locate, compare, and rent short term properties.  Make sure the "host" and the property has good track record of reviews.

Last week before departure we move to Mactan Waterfront.  Again easy for visiting with family, but also across street from airport.  No cab needed, just drag bag across parking lot, down one flight of stairs, across street and into terminal.  It is about $80/day.

Airbnb rentals are certainly more costly than what you can find if you are in the Philippines looking in person, or if you have family members whose judgment you trust to find a place for you... but if you are stuck doing it from afar, and want to lock down a short term rental many months in advance, the extra cost is bearable.   Also, in answer to your question, all services, conveniences, etc., of each property are set out in detail.

Hope you have a great visit. Tom.

Hi Tom, This is terrific information and very well explained. Hope all is going well for you in Texas. We hope to get to Cebu in 2017 for a vacation and then travel around. Josie goes every other year and is from the Manila area. I have not been back in many years and looking forward to it. Thank you very much for taking your time here. It really helps! Mahalo


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