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How far down will the Peso go?

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--- Quote from: Graham on May 29, 2012, 09:58:57 AM ---Marmite???? Your biased mate, ::) ::) ;D ;D
Good for making a hot soup-like drink. Made it
during winter time.
I still have 4 x 600g jars of Vegemite left from when I went back
to Oz in 2010.

I also have 5 jars of Golden Syrup.
Janet uses the Syrup for making that egg dish \"Leche Flan in place of
crystallising the brown sugar.


--- End quote ---

Ditto the same way Mrs Gee now makes leche flan here in the UK. Anything that contains 6 ducks eggs must be good for you (I say to myself). I don\'t know if they sell golden syrup in any form in the Philippines, otherwise we will have to bring our own supply for the extended stays we plan in future.

2.4 kilos of vegemite on your shelves eh, don\'t get it confused with the syrup† ;D



I have never seen Syrup in any of the malls here.
I have seen the green tins of malt tho\'. When I was young
I used to wait \'til Mum n Dad went out, and then get a
desert spoon and I was into the Malt. The malls
here seem to be starting to cater for the explosion of relocating
expats as the selection of food etc. is expanding.

One of the malls has this \"you-beaut\" selection of
fruit juices from Thailand. Goji, Pomegranate, Red Grape,
Peach etc. I used to just drink water but I\'m now hooked
on these juices....have no idea what \"Goji\" juice is, but by
heavens it\'s nice.

I\'m fortunate in that I have a mate who lives and works
here in CDO, but he also goes back to Oz every 3-4 weeks
and will bring back most things for me if I ask him.


This is a new forecast for the dollar to peso exchange rate in the Manila Papers Today

Tom / Roxas City

Peso forecast to end year at 40.80/dollar

MANILA, Philippines - The local currency the peso, which appreciated the past four weeks by around half a percent, closed 12.5 centavos higher on Thursday at P41.47 per dollar, boosting the likelihood that the local unit would gain more strength and end the year at about P40.80 per dollar under a foreign bank forecast.

Well if this news article Peso seen to hit 30:$1 next year is even close to correct then many of us may be pretty upset

Gray Wolf:

--- Quote from: \"Mr. Lee\" post=47769 ---Well if this news article Peso seen to hit 30:$1 next year is even close to correct then many of us may be pretty upset
--- End quote ---

The article\'s title doesn\'t reflect the statements made:

\"The peso could strengthen to the 30-level against the dollar next year as investors continue to flood emerging markets regardless of the outcome of the US elections on Tuesday, an investment bank said.

In its latest research note, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch (BofA) said it expects the peso to average 41 to a dollar by the first quarter of 2013, before appreciating further to 39.80 for the rest of the year.

BofAís forecasts are stronger than the governmentís official assumption of 42-45 next year. The peso closed at 41.18 on Wednesday, the last trading day before the holidays.\"

I think they meant to print 40:1, not 30:1...    Maybe I\'m missing something?  Or maybe they\'re using the SWAG method.   ;)   :P


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