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Regulations on car window tint out in 2018


This will be important to many who own vehicles since the tints I have seen on many cars appear to me to be way more than should be allowed, heck when in some of those cars my old tired eyes could not even see out of the vehicle at night.

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The Department of Transportation is expected to release in the first quarter of next year an order setting the allowable grade of tint for car windows.

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If I was a betting man, I'd bet this law to fall under the rarely if ever enforced category.  In rural areas I doubt it is ever enforced.  Then there will be that argument made when they are driven into the city.  At the same time, I just don't see the Manila police caring enough to do anything about it except when superiors are asking for it to be enforced.

I think if they do anything with it, then it will mainly be the degree of tinting.  Too damn hot in the summer for no tint and with tint it is nice that it is not real easy for everyone to see a kano behind the wheel.


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