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Duterte signs law on free college tuition

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I agree with lost's remarks considering the effect it'll have in the Philippines.  Crying out loud college grads are working at Jolibee as a cashier, cook, and other base jobs that high school kids handle in a place like the USA.  The local Jolibees, pizza chains, and other fast food joints actually require applicants to at least be college students.
Same in pharmacies and other such places.  Unless your family owns a local business the chance of you working there without a college education is low.  At least local to where I live currently.
At the same point, the family across the street has a brother that's an engineer that currently works for a good firm in New Zeeland after being hunted and taken jobs in Japan, India, Norway, and this is his second stop in New Zeeland.  A member of Tina's family that went to school for the local version of Hospitality and is now a mid level manager of a cruise ship.  So I can see some people, getting education in the right industry(more nurses come from the Philippines than anywhere) can get out of the USA quicker with such a degree.  Can they handle it?  Who knows.
Just the way I see it, the "free education"(like lost I agree that nothing is free and anyone saying something is free is either ignorant or hoping the people listening to them is ignorant) will make a degree cheaper in concern to it's effect in the Philippines, but be good for those who are looking to get jobs in a different country.  Engineers, nurses and hospitality educated college grads probably have the best chances to get out of the Philippines and get jobs. 


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