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Hello, All,
   My name is Mike, but as my wife calls me, Kano!

   I've been married to a Philippina for going on 43 years now.  We were married in Torrejon de Ardoz, Spain.

   We built a house on her Nanay's former property in 2019 and we haven't been able to get back due to the epidemic.  This year we plan on returning to the Province.  I had to return shortly after the construction of our house started, and, besides in pictures, I haven't seen it completed.

   I am planning to stay there, in the Province for 90 days, and was hoping that someone could give me some more insight into the Balikbayan Visa.


Steve & Myrlita:
Hi Mike and welcome to the forum. Feel free to make yourself at home. You will find lots of info here. If you can't find it, feel free to ask. Someone may have an answer for you. I won't ask you to introduce yourself as we usually do since you've already done that hehe.  Keep posting and before you know it, you're off moderation. Again welcome & God Bless.....Steve (Admin).

Hello Mike,
Welcome to the forum.  Hope to see more from you down the road.
As to the balikbayan visa.  I've only used it a few times with my first and second pinay wives.  I doubt it's changed since I've last used it.  Basically, arrive with your wife on the same flight.  Bring proof of relationship(marriage cert should work).  Then when you go through immigration show you are arriving with your pinay wife(she needs, I believe, to still be a pinay citizen, in case she's switched citizenship).  Then you'll get a stamp(visa) in your passport that will allow you to stay the next year.  But, it becomes null and void if you exit the country prior to the date stamped in your passport.  So every time you seek a balakbayan visa, you are required to arrive with your wife.

Hi Mike,

JoeLP I agree with.  One difference though, is I am quite sure (easy to check, but I have not taken time) that your pinay wife does not need to have retained (or regained) her Filipino citizenship. 

My pinay wife lost her Phils citizenship when she became a Canadian citizen many years ago.  We travelled to the Phils together in 2015.  We both entered on Canadian passports.  We both got 1-year balikbayan visas on entry.  About 3 years ago, the Re-acquisition of Citizenship Act having been proclaimed, she applied for and got a Phils Citizenship Certificate. She had to attend an oath-taking ceremony at the Phils consulate in Vancouver.  She can now get a Phils passport if she wants one.  But she did not have one in 2015.  But the law then, and I am quite sure is the law now, it that Filipinos and former Filipinos traveling with their spouse can obtain the balikbayan privilege for the spouse.  Former Filipinos are also regarded as balikbayan.  Citizens do not get a balikbayan visa (or any visa) on entry.  They do not need a visa.

My wife got her US citizenship in 1996 and we've entered the Philippines many times since then on the Balikbayan, to include the time we had two of our adult children with us.



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