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Got a question? Maybe this has been covered in another topic however, I haven't found it.  How do expats retired in the Philippines access their 1099?  If you do it online you have to access it through "my social security" website and it requires you to have an access code every time you access your account.  To receive this code its normally sent to your cell phone.  How do you even access your account if you don't have a cell phone for this access code to be sent to?  In the states its easy but overseas I don't know.  I'm just trying to find out which method works for expats accessing their 1099's in the Philippines.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
I get all of my 1099Rs from my U.S. government websites; SSA, DFAS, VA(no 1099, just access) & OPM that requires password updates every 90 to 150 days. On top of that they will send you a security code comfirmation to your email address or U.S. cellphone number before you can access your account.
Yes, it is a hassle, but you have to do it to get access.
Even bank accounts here in the Philippines now requires a 6 digit pin code sent to your cellphone to confirm every transaction, but some can be bypassed setting a limit of the transaction.
My U.S. banks and or my credit card companies have no security pin code requirements yet except USAA.

Been retired here for over ten years. We get all our SSA communication through Ph. mail. Never had any problem. Once per month or so we check the local P.O. for our mail. Sometimes they even deliver or send me a text message if i have parcel posts.

DFAS no problem just update password when required, SSA have had access for a couple years when they knocked out my account because of overseas account. SSA know what the deposit is an add the Part B payment to figure monthly/yearly for IRS form and file online no 1099 needed.


Thank you....been looking for this type info for a few weeks now.


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