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I'm wondering if anyone here knows if it's now possible to initiate or start your Social Security retirement payments from overseas or can it only be done within the US?

I'm also curious if anyone has started retirement benefits from either inside or outside the US with "loose" residency within the US. I've been working outside the US for some time and I'm concerned that when the time comes, I'll have issues having residency in any particular state. I've got various part of my life in different states as a result of being overseas and just trying to keep everything above water....Will any US address due or do you have to prove your residence similarly to getting a drivers license (utility bills, voter registration etc..)?

Thanks for any thoughts or experiences on this.


Contact the following:


There's also outreach groups from our US Embassy, US Citizen Services that hit area's outside of Manila and Luzon to get these notifications you sign up for their emails on this website.

I'm in Vietnam but could call the Manila #. I've tried before and had some trouble getting through. Will try again.
Thank you.

There is an E-mail address on the link.



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