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LTO Kiosk launched


I guess this will be the thing of the future, hope it speeds up things but at the same time it will take away jobs, IMO that is a bad thing. This one is in Cebu, have you seen one near you.

--- Quote ---A kiosk that will allow the public to electronically renew their motor-vehicle registration has been set up at the JCenter Mall in Mandaue City. Called the LTO Kiosk, which is a self-service kiosk designed to provide detailed information about LTO services.

“Technically this is an automated machine, where you can transact with LTO already, without having to go through the tellers for as long as you have your requirements in place.

Although this is dependent to the speed of the internet, obviously, but if you input (information), and the person inputting it is very familiar already, he would be able to finish the transaction in less than three to five minutes at the most,” LTO-7 Regional Director Victor Caindec said.
--- End quote ---

How soon can they make them nationwide.


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