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   We have a house in Northern Luzon.  I'd like to buy a working van that we could use while we visit and to rent out when we're not there.

   Can anyone give me an idea of how much a van, like a panel van would cost over there?



--- Quote from: Kano on August 30, 2022, 11:27:20 AM ---   We have a house in Northern Luzon.  I'd like to buy a working van that we could use while we visit and to rent out when we're not there....
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Why not just rent one while you're there, as and when you need it?

codefreeze is most likely right.

A panel truck will cost as much or more than in the U.S. 

It's more than 20 years ago, but I bought various new and used vehicles over there, mostly in Manila, in the years 1994-2002.  Only bought 2 used, including a Nissan Safari that turned into a good buy and a Nissan Sentra (as I recall), that was junk.  So, mostly bought new - Honda Civic, Toyota Sportrunner, a truck of a manufacture I don't recall (I think Toyota).  All cost about same as in U.S. 

In Manila, having vehicles serviced is inexpensive compared to U.S. and work generally good, if you get good advice on where to go.  The idea of renting a vehicle you are not using kinda' scares me, but maybe others have experience. 

Hi Kano,

First ask your inlaws about who there can be hired as a driver for the day. The daily cost may seem costly but the cost of owning and mainataining and insuring a vehicle is far more expensive.

There are not many "rental" outfits here in the Philippines, and they are not cheap, so talk to the inlaws and find out about local drivers with their own vehicles.


Work vans, as in panel vans in the US are pretty much not a thing commonly seen here outside the big cities.  But they do exist.
Chances are you'll be spending close to the same here as you would in the US.  If you have any mechanical ability and can tell when a car is running well and not, buying used is something you could do if you are patient.  I owned a Honda Odyssey in the USA(the 1990's version) and I did most the work on it.  Even as far as changing head gaskets and the such.  So I got to learn about them more than a little bit.  Got here, and for about $1k USD I was able to buy one with under 100K miles on it.  Wife loves it and uses it for her catering business.  Saves tons of money. 
As far as renting.  There are 1000s of stories of that going bad.  Locals here, for the most part, do NOT respect things in the same way a lot of us Americans do.  I've seen inlaws destroy the house of the father of my ex.  I mean, just make it a s*** hole and it was one of the better homes in that town when he died.  I was with my ex when we went to check on it and she went from red in face, to sad, then walked out saying she never wanted to see it again.  It was gutted.  EVERYTHING that had any value ripped out and sold.  This was HER FAMILY!!  They had no shame.  That is a middling story.  Heard far worse than that and some not as bad.  Starrt is correct in there not being many rental outfits here and it's for a good reason.
I wouldn't rent even my 26 year old Honda to someone here.  Either because I doubt they'll take care of it, or even more, doubt they are worthy of driving it properly and will return it with dents and scratches on the best side of things.  Forget renting something newer or in even better shape.
And as for the local drivers.  You'll want those.  There use to be a thread on this site just about that.  The local drivers can be gotten for good prices.  I think I pay about $15-20/day for a driver.  First, if an accident happens, the chances of you being found at fault drop greatly.  The old saying is a foreigner in a parked car will be found at fault when a local backs into them in a parking lot.  That isn't too far from the truth.  A local driver saves a lot of those headaches.  Just get a good one.  We have 2 that we use.  One drives for the government(drives the local ambulance) and the other spent 20 years driving trucks to and from Manila and now drives more local routes.  Usually, between the two we can get one available to drive for us when we need.


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