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Foreman or Contractor recommendations in Tarlac/Pampanga area


I'm looking at building a house in the Tarlac area and was wondering if anyone knew of any trustworthy and competent foremans or contractors they could recommend from experience.

All of my experiences with contractors here have been very poor in regards to quality of work, or financial accountability.

After talking to many others who are involved in building houses, most advise me against construction, in favour of buying existing houses. The few I have talked to who were 'happy' with their contractor, were also related to him, thus eliminating the contractor's temptation of evil (needs to maintain cultural/family reputation). I even attempted to use one of these 'happy' contractors, and promply lost 25k after he redefined what I paid him for. Perhaps I should of married his sister before handing over any money  :)

As a sidenote, I'm looking at possibly using insulated panels for roof and walls.


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