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How is everyone doing filing their U.S. income tax from the Philippines?

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Check the following:


I guess what that means is that the IRS needs to get some clarification on their site better or the ACA needs to get it more accurate.  Either way, I am covered and believe me now that I know more on some things, this year is the only and last time mine will be filed past April 15th.  Thanks.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
OK, here's the previous topic on taxes and since it is nearing, I'll eventually have all my ducks in a row when it comes time to e-file our U.S. income tax using Turbo Tax once again!
I don't bother with looking for tax loopholes, other exemptions or declarations, because I just get all of my pension's 1099Rs, put in the numbers and answer all of the questions, then it's up to the program to sign and deliver the forms to IRS and or where ever else it needs to go! "Finito", until next year rolls around!
It's all about each to their own, because doing one's taxes is different from the rest, because some spouses, him or her maybe still working while residing in the Philippines or offshore working elsewhere, while the rest of us are just kicking back and enjoying our retirement lifestyle here in the Philippines.  ::) ??? ;) 


--- Quote from: trevor on April 15, 2015, 03:05:44 PM ---I always pay a professional tax preparer to do my tax. We file a joint return and as out of country residence. This way we does not have to file any state return. Was tempted to try Turbo tax for the first time but was hesitant. My e-file was just done yesterday. U.S. citizens have until june 15th. to file and that is without applying for extension.

--- End quote ---

Do you send your W2 forms to the tax preparer ? Do you use US address to receive W2 forms ?


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